Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mario Barrett & Chris Rock: Twins

All of us know the famous actor/comedian Chris Rock known for the Rush Hour movies, am I right? Well, you may find someone that looks like he can nearly be twins with this guy!

Figure it out yet?

If you guessed the famous singer Mario Barrett, you're 100% right. Maybe you've seen their pictures put together by others who think they look alike, but the one you'll see bellow is very oblivious.

Please send me your comments and pictures of the two that makes them look alike even more. Thank you!


  1. Not to sound rude pretty sure Chris Rock was never part of Rush Hour. It's Chris Tucker who co-starred with Jackie Chan, but besides that your pretty much right. haha

  2. You know I once fell in love with a guy like Mario and Chris, and everytime when I saw those guys I would think; god you remind me so of him, but now that you're mentioning it YES THEY DO LOOK ALLOT ALIKE, That I haven't noticed that.. Thanx for your post

  3. twins!!!!!!!! brother/son something

  4. was Chris Tucker in Rush Hour, but you're ARE right about these two looking alike! I saw Mario on the Electric Company and their TEETH even look alike! VERY CREEPY if they're not related!

  5. It's not creepy at all if they're not related. They say everyone has a 'twin'. My mom has met hers (no not related at all). The "twin" was someone my grandmother worked with.
    Kinda cool.